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About Us

LUV4NUTRITION is a nutritional beverage bar that not only feeds your body with tremendous healthy treats and meals but also we remedy the soul with amazing conversation and customer care. Our standard replacement meal shakes have 21 minerals and vitamins with 24 grams of protein. You get a 5 course meal for only 200 calories!!

Our energy teas are thermogenic which means even when you are standing still… your burning calories!!! With around 40-75mg of caffeine it also gives you that extra kick needed to start and finish your day full stride!

Workout or have a physically taxing job? Come try out our nsf certified 24 line scientifically made for athletes that are trying to improve their performance in all facets of the game or weight room!

We also have a ton of great boosters ranging from best defense- 1,000 mg of vitamin c
Active fiber- 50% of daily intake of fiber
Collagen- for skin and hair health
Probiotics, prolessa and immunity essentials!

You work on the outside staying beautiful we will work on your inside!!


  • Health
  • Meal replacement
  • Energy
  • Tea


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