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Your Tree Care Experts in the Santa Ana, CA Area

BrightView Tree Care Santa Ana, CA offers a wide variety of tree services based on the knowledge of our local arborists, who understand the regional climates and challenges. See the list of available tree care services for the Santa Ana, CA area below.

Tree Care In Santa Ana, CA
Tree Care Services in Santa Ana, CA

Pruning & Maintenance
Ensure the health and beauty of your trees and help minimize the potential for liability on your property with a pruning and maintenance program designed for the age, size, condition, and location of your trees.

Tree Health Management
Properly assess the health needs of your trees with the help of our certified arborists. By carefully examining irrigation, soil compactness, and pest damage, you will get a complete picture of your trees’ wellbeing, pinpointing their cause of stress and needs for recovery.

Cabling & Bracing
Prevent problems before they happen. Our arborists are experts at diagnosing conditions that jeopardize our trees and can make recommendations that provide extra support where needed.

Lightning Protection
Whether a landmark sycamore or a century-old oak, symbolic specimens require protection from one of nature’s most destructive forces. Our certified arborists are trained in the installation of tree lightning protection systems, which divert lightning bolts to the ground without any damage to the tree.


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