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Visit Anaheim stands strong with our local partners, the tourism and hospitality industry in promoting a united front for racial equality. We support the black community and all people of color in the fight against racism with the goal of equality and justice for all.

While the road to end racism is far from over, we know we must start with ourselves. Like many of us, our team has taken the time to actively listen and learn in an effort to better understand the work we have to do as an organization, and as an industry, to create lasting and meaningful change.

While these recent discussions have undoubtedly provoked uncomfortable conversations, we know we must do our part to support equality and actively stand against discrimination. Our initial steps toward change we are actively exploring include:

- New diversity and inclusion programs within the organization

- Our continued efforts to promote workforce development programs in Anaheim and Orange County.

- Widening our volunteer efforts in our community to include organizations that are improving the lives of Black residents and people of color in the county.

Now more than ever, we intend to rely on Visit Anaheim’s core values of trust, teamwork and integrity to affect change and unite our community and our industry.

Jay Burress
President and CEO
Visit Anaheim


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